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My Favorite School Subjects

My favorite subject in High school is Math, Ukulele, and my Media class.

I couldn't just pick one, all three are my top three classes.

My Best Work

My most favorite work that I have done from my web design/media class, is this one below. I had so much fun making this, for those who don't know who this is. This is Runa Yomozuki, She's a non-fictial character from Kakegurui which is an anime.

Another one of my best works which is my second favorite, is this Website. I spent 4-7 days creating this and adding a few touches here and there.

My life After High School

Right after High School, I plan on going straight to college for 2 years so I can get my Associate Degree or better known as an AA. My carrer that I have in plan for my self is Nascar, but if things doesn't go to plan. I'm going to be a retail.